Swing Trading Watch List For 9/25/15

Hello stock swing trading enthusiasts!

Today will be my first ever watch list for my stock swing trading strategies website. I hope to post these watch lists regularly, but no promises on that.

Going to stick with my favorite pattern type for now — The Breakout Play. These are the stocks I am looking at tomorrow and will add to my breakout watchlist.

For the moment, I’m only giving the TICKER and the chart; mainly because there aren’t a whole lot of viewers right now and lots of information would just be wasted.

Over time, I will likely add more details to the charts and point out why a stock was selected from my scan versus outright ignored.

Today’s scan picked up 89 stocks. Out of those 89, I saw ONLY 3 that I actually liked and considered worth watching. I went through 89 different charts to come up with these 3 possible Breakout Plays.

It seems like a lot, but that is the world of swing trading. You have to go through A LOT of charts to pick out potential winners. Some days, there won’t be any at all. Others there’ll be 10 or 20+.

There is no “easy button” with swing trading stocks. You have to do your homework!







You’ll notice each of these stocks on my swing trade watch list have broken out of a consolidation and past a previous high point. This was done on heavily than normal volume. When this happens during an uptrend, it’s a possible sign of continued strength and worth taking notice of. If not to trade, then just to learn from the pattern itself.

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